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Saturday, June 7

2 p.m.


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2Eat. Good. Bread. If you’re like Bob, you love good bread and are serious about learning how to make it at home, then this is a demonstration you won’t want to miss.

Learn the secrets to make old-world style naturally leavened breads from baker Bob Oswaks, owner of Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, soon to open in Historic Los Alamos, in the Santa Ynez Valley. Bob’s Artisan Country Levain is an irresistible favorite in the Valley, and he’ll be sharing some of his secrets. To become a more skilled baker, you will learn how to build your own sourdough starter and develop a feeding and caring schedule that works for you. You’ll learn how to make bread consistently good every time, with tools to develop your breads desired dough temperature so whether it’s early or late; hot or cold; humid or dry, your breads will always be consistently made. You’ll learn how to mix dough by hand in order to feel the consistency of the dough and appreciate how the dough develops during fermentation.

About Founder Bob Robert Oswaks

Well Bread’s founder, Robert Oswaks, is a Central Coast and Santa Ynez Valley resident for over 10 years. He has studied and lived among the community of the Santa Ynez Valley. He understands that consumers these days have higher expectations for authenticity and ingredients than ever before. They buy at markets only for convenience, when the kinds of baked goods they want and appreciate are not available. They appreciate the qualities and attention that go into the preparation of artisan bread, and want to be recognized for their unique needs, and treated with respect to the ways they want their products. A marketing executive with over 25 years of experience specializing in consumer and entertainment brands, Oswaks has unique skills in creative execution, team management, and connecting with consumers.

He has demonstrated success in executing marketing campaigns across all marketing disciplines and new media distribution platforms, through his creative solutions and results-oriented strategic vision. Robert Oswaks began his 2nd career as an Artisan Baker as a part time enthusiast, and found it to be a passion he needed to pursue, after leaving Sony Pictures Television, where he spent 11 years as President of Worldwide Marketing. Initially a self-taught baker, he has worked under the guidance of mentors and colleagues, and received advanced training from the San Francisco Baking Institute.

Oswaks has served his artisan breads to celebrity chefs (Ludo Lefebvre, Giada DeLaurentiis) as well as local Los Angeles and Santa Barbara County restaurants and wine tasting rooms (Full of Life Flatbread, Mattei’s Tavern, Global Gardens, Bell Street Farm, Los Olivos Café, Grappolo, Cafe Quackenbush, Bestia, Test Kitchen, Casa Dumetz, Kaena, Palmina, Koehler, Brander and Zaca Mesa,Riverbench) and unique special events (Malibu Farms Dinner, The Santa Barbara Bouillabaisse Festival, Outstanding in the Field, Los Olivos School Feast in the Field, The Garagiste Festival, The Edible Institute Gala). In 2010 prepared the bread for Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, during their trip to California (at the Santa Barbara Polo Field) at a luncheon catered by Ms. DeLaurentiis.

Bob’s Well Bread Bakery will be located at 550 Bell Street in Los Alamos, CA 93440. Anticipating being open in Summer of 2014.

Email: bob@BobsWellBread.com

URL: www.BobsWellBread.com


About Bob’s Well Bread

Bob’s Well Bread is about Bread. Great Bread. At Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, we’re inspired by the rustic traditions of another era. Our favorite breads are large, dark-crusted loaves reminiscent of the days when communal village ovens were fired only once a week. In those times each family shaped their dough into massive rounds because bigger loaves would stay fresh longer than smaller ones, and their bread would remain moist until the oven was fired again. Each family would also have a unique scoring in the top of the dough, so that they’d recognize their loaf when they came out of the oven.

Fine wine and fresh crusty bread have been paired perfectly for centuries, and the consumers in the Santa Ynez Valley are craving this.

Our Breads, having a wine origination in the levain-starter, carry a complex flavor profile. These hand shaped breads, baked on a stone hearth, have a deep, resilient crust that protects them for days. Bob’s Well Bread loaves pair perfectly with a glass of wine, and even more so with artisan cheeses, braised meats and local vegetables, sandwiches, soups, farm fresh eggs, and are suitable to any meal.

Bob’s Well Bread is bread with an old soul, and is made the old fashioned way.Bread that is hand crafted, in small batches. Bread you’ll want to tell people about: the darkest, crunchiest loaves, baked to the point of perfection, and each loaf bears the hands and the expression of a baker who has nurtured it along the way. Bread, like other artisan crafted consumable luxuries (i.e. wine and cheese), is a combination of flour, water and salt. When combined,and through the process of fermentation, it is transformed into something wholly new and transcends the nature of its basic ingredients.


Look at a loaf of Bob’s Well Bread and your first impression is that “this is not the Sourdough you’re used to”. Our loaves are baked dark, with a delicate and crackly crust that is marked by blisters and bubbles, unique scoring and significant oven-spring. SLICE one open and discover a moist, almost creamy, wildly open crumb structure–a sure sign of significant hydration and a lively, natural fermentation process. BREATHE it in, and your senses deliver a sweet character and a subtle balanced acidity. TASTE it and you experience a crust that is crisply substantial and caramelized, like a candied layer that shatters when you bite into it; and inside, a moist and chewy crumb; followed by a gratifying depth of flavor.

You’ve just had a loaf that will change the way you think about bread, and will last you for days. Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, will serve fresh breads, and all of the best things that go with bread, morning through late afternoon. Everything is prepared and baked right on premises. Well Bread believes in upholding traditional, old-world baking methods to produce the best possible products. They make things by hand. They make things in small batches and they make it fresh every day. In fact, you wont find anything on their shelves that isn’t made that day.