Meet the Masters Dinner Series at Miró

Join us for the rare opportunity to dine with the world’s finest wine and spirit masters

    Masters And Makers May Event

    Thursday, May 22th – Sofia Partida, Master Tequila Sommelier

    Sofia Partida was destined to make exceptional tequila. The involvement her family has had in the process of making the Mexican agave-based liquor runs about five generations deep. Join her for an introduction to what she calls the next stage of Tequila – to treat tequila like fine wine, to match its flavor profiles with food and to learn more about the regions in which it is produced.

    Evening Events:

    • 6 pm to 6:30 pm – Welcome reception with Sofia Partida on the Miro Terrace featuring fine tequila, tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and breathtaking ocean views.
    • 6:30 pm to 8 pm - Exquisite three-course tasting menu by Miro Chef Johan Denizot, elegantly presented by Bacara’s Creative Director Lorrene Balzani. Each course will be expertly paired with carefully-cultivated tequila by Sofia Partida.

    $89 per person, plus tax & gratuity. Space is limited; advanced reservations are required.



    About Partida Tequila

    Partida Tequila was founded in 2001 by J. Gary Shansby, a noted brand builder. He had always had a desire to develop a premium spirit. When combined with his deep love and respect for Mexico, he had no choice but to immerse himself in Mexico’s rich and distinguished Tequila culture.

    Every ounce of Partida Tequila begins with a carefully cultivated supply of blue agave found near a dormant volcano in the Tequila Valley. Under the agave’s spiky tips lies “la piña,” Tequila’s soul. Even with Tequila, patience is still a virtue. You cannot rush the growth of la piña – the bigger it gets, the more mature the sugars, and the more full, ripe, and flavorful it becomes. Partida waits 7-10 years. It’s not fast work, but it is worth the wait.

    Today Partida is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Noted tastemakers, connoisseurs, and celebrities (even Oprah) have raved about it.


    March Masters Dinner

    Saturday, June 7th - Master Sommelier Brian McClintic

    Offered on a special night this month in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend.

    Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    Bacara is pleased to open its famed 12,000-bottle Wine Cellar for an elegant dinner masterfully paired with wine treasures by Santa Barbara’s only Master Sommelier Brian McClintic. The evening begins with a champagne reception followed by an exquisite four-course tasting menu by Miró Chef Johan Denizot. Each course will be paired with a flight of two wines:  one from Santa Barbara County and one from its Old World counterpart, such as a Santa Rita Hills Pinot and Burgundy.

    Set within the luxurious surroundings of the 12,000-bottle Miró Wine Cellar, imported French stones, original artwork, rustic candelabras and a grand fireplace will create the unmistakable allure of a dining along the Iberian Peninsula. Adding to the ambiance will be stunning floral displays by the resort’s Creative Director Lorrene Balzani.

    Evening Events:

    • 6 pm to 7 pm – Champagne and hors d’oeuvres reception on the Miro Terrace.
    • 7 pm to 9 pm – Exquisite four-course tasting menu by Miro Chef Johan Denizot, elegantly presented by Bacara’s Creative Director Lorrene Balzani in the Miro Wine Cellar. Each course will be masterfully paired with a flight of two wines, one from Santa Barbara County and one from its Old World counterpart, by MS Brian McClintic.

    Space is very limited. $250 a person (price includes tax & gratuity)

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    About Brian McClinitic

    While McClintic has a firm grasp on all things wine (he is the subject of the 2013 documentary film, SOMM, which chronicles his journey to the elusive Master Sommelier title – becoming the 107th in the U.S. to achieve this honor), everything else about his persona and approach to the mysterious world of wine quickly dispels other images that have been portrayed and turns them into myths. A published author with the Guild of Sommeliers and a 2010 Top Somm finalist in the U.S. Sommelier Championship, Brian McClintic’s goal is to share his extensive knowledge in easy-to-understand terms in an environment that encourages a sense of community.

    After pursuing careers in baseball and screenwriting, McClintic found his calling in the hospitality industry, working in major restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco as a wine rep. It was while working at The Little Nell Resort in Aspen, his nose for wine took a definitive due north course and pointed him toward the elusive, challenging direction of becoming a sommelier. A chance encounter in San Francisco brought him together with Eric Railsback and changed the course of both their lives and careers. They spent nine weeks together talking about wine, the restaurants and wine bars they’d seen over a collective 25 years in the hospitality industry and imagining the perfect project they could create together. They hatched a business plan and quietly began working toward that goal.

    A serendipitous phone call from Sherry Villanueva quickly transformed their concept from one that existed in writing into a burgeoning vision that is becoming a Santa Barbara reality. Villanueva’s sensibilities and ideas so complement their own, that Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant is destined to become a destination for visitors and locals alike who are seeking a communal locale to share food and wine without pretense or intimidation.