123Saturday, June 7
9 to 11 a.m.
$50 per person

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Organic farmer, Jay Ruskey, has been at the forefront of growing exotic and rare fruit at his organic farm perched above Goleta since the mid 1990s. Jay is doing something that no one else is doing in the Continental United States: growing coffee as a commercial crop. After 9 years of stable growing and some successful coffee reviews, it is now Ruskey’s goal to expand production in CA. Come join to tour to hear more about how coffee began at Ruskey’s farm and to learn interactively how coffee goes from seed to cup.

Walking tour duration:
1.5 hours


  • Start time: 9 am
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Where to meet: Good Land’s Main Facility (located 5 miles from Bacara; transportation is not included)

Tour includes:

  • Coffee tasting of California grown coffee
  • The walking tour
  • Coffee sample to take home

Details of the tour:

The tour will be led by Good Land Organics owner and grower, Jay Ruskey. You will be welcomed with fresh coffee, freshly made juice and seasonal fruit.  Jay will give an overview of the coffee research collaboration that has been conducted with the assistance of the University of California Small Farm Program. He will then lead you on a moderate level hike where Jay will explain the dynamics of new crop adaptation and integration of organic tree fruit agriculture.

The walk will take you through the eclectic mix of exotic fruit varieties that grow on the farm. Upon reaching the coffee you will discover the dozen Arabica varieties at various stages of development.  Here you will learn about the coffee planting trial and what it has taken to establish the orchard. The trees always have fruit so you are guaranteed to see beans on the trees.  Each person will have an opportunity to taste a fresh picked coffee berry and discover the original flavors of the coffee bean, while discussing coffee cultivation and post harvest processing.

25 people maximum per tour


About Good Land Organics

Good Land Organics™ is located in the hills of Goleta, California, two miles from the Pacific Coast.  This certified organic land is called Condor Ridge Ranch, and is a unique ecosystem, that allows them to grow a diversity of exotic sub-tropical crops.  The soil is a rich clay loam free of chemical pesticides. Santa Barbara’s winters are mild and typically frost-free, while mild summer days start with foggy mornings.  These climate patterns contribute to their ability to grow the specialty sub-tropical fruits. Other fruits and exotic that are grown on the farm include: cherimoyas, blood oranges, meyer lemons,  caviar limes, passion fruit, dragon fruit and more.