A look behind the OM4 Men’s Facial

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Victoria: Mike, why should men use a gender specific skin care line?

Mike: That’s a great question and one that is at the heart of our business. It was not until 2010 with launch of the Dove Men + Care line that the big boys (Unilever) finally got on board and recognized there was, indeed, a rapidly growing underserved market. Until that time, the skin care industry was focused nearly exclusively on women, who were also primary purchasers of products for men. I recognized in 2008 that almost no skincare lines took into account the fact that men have unique skin issues, skin types, conditions and shaving problems, all requiring precision skin solutions. The only options for men were either repackaged and re-fragranced products derived from a women’s line, or products from shaving lines who have limited knowledge about the clinical differences in male and female skincare. OM4 was the first male specific skincare line formulated to address the biological differences in male and female skin types.


Victoria: And what are those biological skin differences?

Mike: In short without getting into excessive detail…

  • Difference 1: Men’s skin is 20% oiler due to testosterone. OM4 designed a cleanser that accounts for that without drying and aging the skin.
  • Difference 2: Men shave often, compromising the skin’s immune barrier and subjecting the face to razor burn and hypersensitivity. Additionally, using shave foams that include alcohol, isobutene and propane as the main active ingredients dry out the skin and increase sensitivity. To combat facial irritation, OM4 created a dual hydrating mask coupled with an emulsion that functions as a pre-shave beard softener, soothing shave cream and anti-redness and hydrating treatment all in one.
  • Difference 3: Men’s skin is 30% thicker than a female’s and we have smaller oil glands, making us “absorption-challenged” as we like to call it. The answer? OM4 designed a product with a molecule that is 75% smaller than the average moisturizer molecule in order to permeate our “thick skin” and provide a daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that keep the skin looking young and healthy.
  • Difference 4: Men are predisposed to higher rates of skin cancer and men hate heavy and greasy-feeling products on the skin. OM4 moisturizers are balanced to leave a nice, light, matte finish while deeply hydrating. OM4′s PROTECT Mineral SPF 30 not only functions as a sun screen, but also has ingredients to repair DNA damage, clinically reduce free-radical activity and prevent and brighten dark spots.


Victoria: And lastly Mike, what are you excited most about partnering with Bacara Spa?

Mike: Bacara has a long history of excellence and attention to detail. At Organic Male OM4, we are all about the details. The Spa team includes seasoned and experienced professionals, and it has been a pleasure getting to know everyone. The team did their homework before my arrival, asked valid and challenging questions, and I love to work with people that are invested in wanting to know what they are serving their guests. We are confident in the match between two luxury brands which truly care about the guests and customers we serve. We anticipate a long and productive relationship.


OM4 Men’s Facial

Time to get serious about male skin care! This gender specific facial is a complete, organic skin care system for men addressing issues associated with male skin while supporting balance of ease and effectiveness to produce noticeable results.

50 min $160 (normally $175)