Looking for something new to wear? Bacara’s Luxury Boutique has you covered

Looking for something new? Forget to bring your favorite shirt? Want to add an exciting bathing suit to your wardrobe? Want to pick out something exciting for your dinner at Miró? Bacara’s Luxury Boutique has you covered.

Located next to the lobby on the courtyard, the boutique is Madison Avenue chic with men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. You can find everything from casual jeans to more glamorous evening styles; think of it as New York hip meets Southern California Bohemian.

Designers showcased at this shop include Prada, Rozae Nichols, Diane von Furstenberg, Velvet, Vince, AG Jeans, Twill Twenty Two, Robert Graham and Kooba handbags.

Bacara’s Luxury Boutique can also play host to budding designers looking to catch the eye of the resort’s discerning clientele.